MRS was co-founded in 1988 by Carol Dineen and Bill Hedervare and is a privately owned Wisconsin corporation. They saw an opportunity in the life and health underwriting industry to provide higher quality services and have made it their mission to deliver just that. Carol has managed MRS for over 20 years and is still actively involved with the daily operations. Bill has retired and Scott Becker has stepped in as minority stock holder and CFO. As the company began to expand, Carol ensured growth did not impact the core business philosophy; keep it simple, listen to the customer, and stay ahead of the curve with technology. These basic principles have helped us retain our customers and justify our tag-line: MRS works hard to keep your business.

Company Vision Statement: To become the benchmark for excellence as a service provider to the insurance industry.

Company Mission Statement: To improve the efficiency and quality of information gathering and risk assessment toolsets for the insurance industry.

At MRS, we realize the importance of giving back; to our people, to our community and to our environment. Each quarter one of our service teams chooses a charity and encourages donations from our employees. The company matches that contribution.

Go Green! The ability to have employees work remotely is the most significant difference we can make. Other initiatives include recycling, reduced energy consumption, and regular advances towards a paperless workflow. Join us the global effort to preserve our world and support those less fortunate.