Underwriting Solutions

APS Retrieval

Engage our expert team to locate the records, and get them quickly.

MRS understands how to effectively find the needed information. We obtain special authorizations and conduct the necessary research to verify information at the level requested. We will contact the facility, applicant, or agent; whatever is necessary to complete the research within established time standards. Our country-wide time service is 11 calendar days with a 95% completion rate.

MRS goes the extra step, without the extra cost.

  • Additional research and database searches
  • Contacting the applicant and/or agent for follow up
  • Physician fee negotiations
  • Reopens to obtain additional information at no extra cost
  • No hidden fees

Electronic document delivery is provided for ease of reporting, sorting, and running queries. Integration with your workflow and imaging systems for both ordering and delivering medical records is also available.

All the tools to manage your data, presented in a logical and efficient format. Customers view and manage the MRS APS service through a secure online website. Special cases can be managed as a priority, different users have the ability to access information at the designated level. Real-time status is available to users as determined by your business needs. Protective Value Surveys can be incorporated to assist with program management and underwriting guidelines.

We are flexible, effective, and cost conscious. Let us show you the MRS difference with APS retrievals.

Download the MRS APS Brochure by clicking here.

Contact MRS today — sales@mrsreps.com to learn more about our APS Retrieval service.