Front End Solutions

MRS iApp

Announcing the industry’s next generation electronic application platform.

MRS iApp, the intelligent solution to increase sales productivity, improve time to issue, and reduce NIGO. Designed to easily integrate with existing workflows, the MRS iApp provides a flexible and customizable platform that converts your existing paper forms into an electronic application. The platform is programmed to deliver complete applications for your underwriting team.

Key components include:

  • Complete mobile solutions for laptops, notebooks, smart phones and tablet devices
  • Ability to utilize your existing applications. No need to re-file
  • Reflexive rules based questionnaires customizable to your underwriting guidelines
  • Ability to incorporate active database searches for Rx, MIB and others
  • Multiple signature options to support your business rules
  • Supports straight through processing workflows
  • Real time status updates available to underwriters and producers.
  • Integrate with existing Admin and Workflow systems, via ACORD, XML or custom data transmission.
  • Produces real time premium calculations.

Launch a complete electronic application without upfront development or software investments. The MRS iApp, an intelligent application that simply does more.

Download the MRS iApp Brochure by clicking here.

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