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MRS Golden Age Interview

Interviewing Services for Senior Aged Applicants.

Conducting underwriting tele-interviews with senior aged applicants requires the right partner. With our 20+ years of experience, we have developed a unique offering tailored to this expanding segment of our population.

Going beyond the standard cognitive and activity risk factors; MRS has the ability to better qualify the applicant with an evaluation of their overall well-being. Our skilled interviewers combined with an intelligent reflexive underwriting platform will make a difference.

The MRS Golden Age Supplement:

  • Flexible program to support a wide variety of risk selection approaches.
  • Interviewer Interludes designed to explain the responses obtained or initiate an underwriting alert.
  • Reflexive underwriting rules for: Rx database searches; MIB searches, APS’s, MVR searches and more.
  • Modular format for: general insurance needs, health and habits targeting chronic conditions, cognitive acuity abilities, activities of daily living in a three-step reflexive process.
  • Interviewers trained for the sensitivities to the elderly population.
  • Powerful analytic tools enable unprecedented data analysis.

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