Underwriting Solutions

Inspection Reports

Inspections reports completed to obtain the full story.

MRS Inspection Report services are customized based on your business practices. Each phone interview is conducted by our tenured staff, trained to be both effective and courteous. We understand how to obtain information from applicants that is sometimes sensitive. This experience could be a deciding factor when selecting your company as their health or life insurance provider. We work hard to obtain the information while professionally representing your company.

Assisting the underwriting process is a primary reason why we are in business. We know how to provide a variety of reports for your underwriters to make informed decisions.

Report packages can contain:

  • Public Record Searches (including Legal & Criminal)
  • MIB Searches
  • Credit Reports
  • MVR Searches
  • Personal or Business Financial Reports

MRS has the system to obtain the required reports and then incorporate the results into follow-up or clarification questions for an interview session.

This process can minimize the number of touches with your applicants and provide a more streamlined customer experience over the phone. This also eliminates the need for some APS requests.

Contact us to see how the MRS approach sets us apart.