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Point of Sale

Simple. Fast. Efficient. The complete package

Our Point of Sale (POS) Service combines technology with the highly regarded MRS tele-underwriting staff. The result is a complete solution designed to streamline your new business development efforts. We hear agents love this offering. Especially since they have the ability to close more business when the applicant is ready to sign.

Expedite your application process with our POS Service. Straight Through Processing using real time MIB, Rx and MVR results flow through our filters and render a consistent, accurate underwriting decision. The solution offers a completely customizable rules engine to deliver decisions in accordance with your guidelines. Accept, Reject, Additional Documentation Required, or Refer to Underwriting; the decision is yours.

MRS can populate any of your state approved application forms and integrate a fully compliant Voice Signature or eSignature process to reduce your time-to-issue from days to minutes. Our POS process is customizable to fit your workflow, products, distribution, and underwriting guidelines.

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