Underwriting Solutions

Database Searches

Information available when you need it; right now!

MRS has the ability to provide a variety of database searches at any point in the underwriting process. We will analyze the entire system and identify areas where these services can add value and save time. Underwriting is a series of actions to achieve desired results; we have the methods and procedures to deliver a measurable impact. Let us assist by providing the right information at the right time.

    Available real-time searches include:
    • MIB & IAI Searches
    • MVR Searches (in most states)
    • Rx Profile Reports

    Also available:

    • Public Record Searches (including Legal & Criminal)
    • Credit Reports

MRS has integrated with both prescription history providers. Rx Profile database searches have proven to be an effective, fast and economical underwriting requirement.

MRS is a Third Party Administrator (TPA) and Software Development partner with the MIB.

We are here to help you make informed decisions; let’s begin by introducing us to your business.

Contact MRS today — sales@mrsreps.com to learn more about MRS Database Search services.