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mrsPipeline - A complete workflow solution ready to improve your underwriting process.

The mrsPipeline is designed as a scalable modular system to address the needs of agents, applicants, and underwriters. The workflow solution will show measurable reductions in turn-around time, increase placement ratios, maintain underwriting consistency, and satisfy the demanding needs of producers at all levels.

Delivered as a cloud-based solution, your organization will benefit from a customizable solution without incurring a significant capital investment. Take advantage of system advancements as we tailor the program, no matter how large or small. The system will fit with your organization.

MRS technical services are included for customers to easily integrate with front-end new business and back end administrative systems. Virtually all types of applications can be accommodated or imported into the system, from paper applications to electronic applications to point of sale apps. MRS is proficient in data exchange standards and has the expertise to develop an integration solution with existing third party e-apps, policy enrollment, and claim management systems. We look forward to an opportunity to demonstrate how the MRS Pipeline will impact your business.

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